New Year, New... Me?

There is almost NEVER a good time to try to change things up, so here we are... at the beginning of a new year... transitioning to a new way to book online. As with all changes, there will definitely be some growing pains and hiccups along the way, but THANK YOU all for your patience, support, and kindness. I am blown away by how far we (you + I) have come in the last 2.5 years, because this studio does not exist without you guys.

Here are some tips on how to navigate these new waters... 😏

For right now, it is pretty simple. There are several links listed just under the logo at the top of the page... most are self explanatory. If you would like to see a list of services, prices, and available times, click the word BOOK. This will take you to a new website to make appointments online, so forget everything you've figured over the last two years. 😐 Don't worry, I'll do my best to help you as best as I can. My contact information, along with the studio address and a link to google maps is just a click away under CONTACT + LOCATION.  ***Online booking is disabled while I am transferring all of the currently booked appointments. This is taking a lot longer than anticipated, so for the time being, please text or call for availability... and please, please forgive me if I take a few days to respond***

 Check back here for more updates OR stay connected through FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM . 💙