Happy New Year!!!

Hello, Friends! It has been such a long time since I sent out any updates, but I have ALL THE THINGS to share with you now. At the end of March last year (can you believe 2022 was LAST year!), I switched to a part-time schedule at the studio. Of course this means my available appointments have been limited and it has definitely been a challenge keeping up with everyone. Moving into 2023, I have some more changes that I hope will make it easier for all of us. 

FIRST! I have started the transition to a new booking platform. The best thing is there is no difference in where to find it; just click "book" at the top of the website and the link will take you where you need to be. On the new booking app, there is a waitlist feature which will be so helpful if you cannot find an appointment that works for you. I will be following up on scheduling once a week. If you have any questions or need help, then please text me using 281.954.4311 or email me at  above.the.waves.hair@gmail.com. 

This actually leads to change number two! To eliminate missing messages or requests, I will only be scheduling appointments or answering questions using these forms of contact (listed above 👆 or under the CONTACT link on my website) and following up once a week. Social media is such a great way to stay connected and interact, but I will no longer be using Instagram and Facebook messenger to book appointments. 

Another big change for 2023 is that I will be moving salons by the end of January. Once I have a move date, I will send out the information, but for now I am still located inside Sola Salons Clear Lake. The new location will not be a private room, but a semi private station with a shared shampoo and processing area. This will actually give us a few extra appointments while my chair is free! Plus, booking for this will be simple with the new app. 🎉

Finally, the website has also been updated to reflect new prices and policies. Please have a look around and feel free to contact me (☝) if you have any questions or concerns at all. 

Thank you all so much for your support, whether through your business or encouragement. I am grateful to still be able to do something I love so much and that wouldn't be possible without all of you. 💙

Kim Becker

P.S. - This "creative" signature was inspired by an email template I saw recently that made me laugh a little, so I decided to share it with you guys.